Get Rid of Old, Tired Bedding

Staging Tip:

One of the biggest staging tips I can offer is, buy new bedding!  As a designer and a stager, one of the most shocking things to me is seeing the bedding and linens that people live with on a daily basis.  I honestly don’t know how Bed Bath & Beyond stays in business!  In some cases, it looks as if my client’s have not purchased any new linens since they were married – which most of the time is at least 30 years ago.  The entire bedroom is colorless and lifeless when there are no fluffy pillows and lofty duvet.  So, I am begging all of you out there….buy yourself some new bedding!!


When staging your home, I understand that the last thing you want to do is spend more money on your home.  You have probably been working on the bones of the house, like the roof, new appliances or new windows.  Those are expensive but necessary for top dollar.  But just understand, if you cannot wow those potential buyers to even come to your house, then the big ticket fixes are not worth much.  A majority of today’s home buyers are first looking online, then talking with their agent, then going to see the house in person. Therefore, you need to grab them from the start, with great looking rooms that photograph well.

Dream up A New Look

Let’s look at this from a different perspective….pretend you are in the dating scene.  Nowadays, you are more likely to first create your profile on an app, or website, than to just go to a bar and strike up a conversation.  When creating that profile, you are getting your makeup done, your hair done, wearing those Spanks, and finding the perfect outfit to flatter you.  You just don’t run out, take a selfie and slap it up there.  (and if you are a young 50, you are getting some filters added on too for those wrinkles and imperfections).

Don’t Sleep on It, Get Shopping!

Consequently,  think of staging your home as the same thing.  It needs some lipstick, cute pumps and a great new hairdo!  Where I see people fail in their staging attempts is always in the bedroom and bathrooms.  The front rooms look good, the kitchen is typically clean and de-cluttered.  But…for some reason people just barely pull up the sheets to the pillows and call it good.  I’m begging you…go shopping!   You can get a good looking “bed in a bag” ensemble for less than $200 for a king size bed.  And don’t forget the new pillows!  Read the package to make sure you get the right size pillows – king, standard or Euro.  They don’t have to be down, they just need to be unused and yes, fluffy!  You won’t believe how much of a difference can be made with just simple new bedding.  Think of it as your homes new outfit to make it look sexy for that first date.

And….for the same reason, if I can have you throw in new towels, I would be so happy!  Consider them the perfect shade of lipstick that gets buyers to swipe right.  You don’t need the whole set…unless you want to spoil yourself and upgrade from those brown and green striped ones you still have from 1982.  Again, they don’t need to be expensive, they just need to be fluffy and unused and fill up the towel bars and hand towel rings.  What color towels you ask?  I know most people recommend white or cream.  But, if your bathroom is all white tile or cream marble, you need some color.  I recommend bringing in the color of your new bedding, so you can tie the rooms together.  Roll them up beside the tub and between the sinks to add a little interest.

New Bedding Gets You New Buyers

Believe me, this little investment will pay back big returns!  When you add these simple items, it makes the house more inviting to buyers because they can see themselves living there.  By de-personalizing the space and adding new bedding, it is more like a model home and that is what buyers like.  Make your home the “hottest girl in town” to get it sold for more money and less time on the market than non-staged homes.   * for more advice on de-personalizing your home, click here.

So, I hope my begging will encourage you to make a few more relatively small investments to your home!  (The great thing about this investment, you don’t have to leave it behind when you sell either.)  And, you know…I really think people should spoil themselves a little more and invest in beautiful bedding.  You’re worth it!  It is a luxury that gives back to you every day.

Some Before & After Photos to Prove my Point

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