Staging for Realtors

StandOUT works as a liaison between you and your seller.  In our consultation, we can gently guide your seller through the sometimes emotional & daunting process of getting their home ready to sell.  With my unique perspective of having been an agent, I understand the goals of both parties, and work for the benefit of both.

With over 84% of buyers seeing listings first by photograph over the internet, the home must photograph well.  StandOUT works with the homeowner, you and the photographer to make sure the property will put its best foot forward and StandOUT among the competition.

We can complete an owner-occupied home.  We can work with a client’s existing pieces, add furniture & accessories in to complete a room, or stage select rooms and spaces completely.  Our furnishings and accessories are quality pieces that will be appropriate for the home we are staging, both in scale and style.

In addition to photo ready rooms, we provide many tips and tricks to help homeowners in occupied homes live more easily through showings and open houses.  The goal is to create a space that welcomes a buyer in and invites them to see themselves living there.  Therefore providing you and the seller with a home that sells faster and for more $$$!

Don’t leave money on the table!

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